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25 Jan 2013

Launcing New Website

This site is an Endeavour of the JAIN PARIVAR PRAGATI SANSTHAN  TEAM, JAIPUR  We have a vision to make Digamber Jain Samaj Completely online in coming years.

www.jaindirectory.org is an online presence firstly for Jaipur Jain Samaj . We strongly believe that ‘Nature hates changes but change brings progress and the Progress and movement of any Samaj depends on its followers ' awareness and dedication.'

Years ago, there was a very limited presence of our samaj,but as time passed by the number has grown up and today, we have more than 100000(One Lac. )  families in our network.

 The world is getting smaller and the people here are getting busier and busier day by day thus there is a need of a platform to interact wherein we can interact without moving physically can break all those time - communication barriers and liberalized ourselves with a click of mouse. Jaipur Jain  Samaj Portal is just a start in this direction we feel this website would help make Jain samaj strong and united.

There would be basically everything for everyone, the key features of the this website portal would include Social Networking of Jains, News and Update about the Samaj, Bride/Grooms i.e. Jain Matrimonial services, Job Opportunities particularly related with our Samaj, Classified and directory listing for Jains, and all information about the Jains and much more.